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In 1980, I became interested in photography when I was 16 years old and was starting the 10th grade at Hoover High School in Fresno, California. It was there that I learned how to process my first roll of black-and-white film and print my first black-and-white photograph.  Times have changed since then, and I shoot digital now. 

I moved to Hollywood, California in 1986 and started my career as a Commercial Photographer. I started covering celebrity parties, movie premieres, and award shows. I was told back in the late '80s, that I needed to learn studio lighting and to start learning portrait photography. From there I started shooting headshots of people who wanted to become actors or models, as well as corporate headshots.

Today, I still love working in the Hollywood industry and have started shooting more production stills and BTS (behind the scenes) on movie and TV sets.  I have also been shooting lots of videos on sets. I love the history of Hollywood and I'm glad to be a part of it!

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